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FINAL Results are ONLINE

The FINAL Results of the 2018 Antwerp City Cup are online, CLICK for LINK

Pictures of Antwerp City Cup 2018 !

Rob has done it again !!

And we are fortunate to enjoy the result of his work.

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Thank You, Rob, for all your pictures and
Thank You, Dirk Jan, for your work uploading them !


A YouTube movie from Rob

As you may have seen, Rob was continuously busy to follow all movements in the Antwerp City Cup 2017. Now Rob is so kind to share his video of our event on YouTube. Thank You, Rob ! Click to open … Continue reading


A report from Megan in Yachts & Yachting

Megan was so kind to send in a report of our Antwerp City Cup that has been posted on the website of Yachts & Yachting. Please click the link below:  


The results of the R.Y.C.B. Antwerp City Cup 2017 are online

A report of the 2015-edition in a Belgian Yachting Magazine wrote a nice report of the 2015-edition of the Antwerp City Cup (in Dutch). Please CLICK the image ▼



Fred’s report 2011 from the cockpit

A very successful event, we could say in my opinion!
Besides 2 Belgian, 11 Dutch and 1 German, also 3 English and
3 Czech boats participated.
For the first edition of the Antwerp City Cup this is a fantastic result.
Not only about the perfect organisation on the water, thanks to the
Royal Yacht Club van België, the participants were very enthusiastic.
Also ashore the  organisation was very much appreciated by the competitors.

Thanks to the sponsoring of:
Sportstad Antwerpen
BNP Paribas Fortis
Jachthaven Antwerpen
Jachthaven Antwerpen Willemdok
Moortgat Duvel &  Vedett
several facilities were arranged for the disabled competitors and everybody
enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere the Belgian meals and breakfast,
made and served by a great team of volunteers.

The races themselves were close till the last finish as the changing
wind-conditions asked for a lot of tactical skills from the competitors.

The first race started in a 12 to 15 knots breeze which decreased to
a 5 to 8 knots in the third race of the day.
Megan Pascoe, Englands hope for the 2012 Games in Weymouth, made
a bad start in the first race which resulted in a 7th place.
But she took revenge in race 2 and 3 with convincing firsts.
Daniël Bina from the Czech Republic started with a first race without
any mistake which resulted of course with a comfortable first place.
Belgian Fred Imhoff sailed very consistent and was leading after
the first day with a score of 2, 2, 3.

Much sun, 20 degrees Celsius, but not enough wind to race.
Everybody enjoyed the nice summer weather, had a chat with
other competitors or did some work on the boat.

A nice little breeze ,4 to 8 kts, made it a great day for racing
after a postponement of one hour.
Megan Pascoe did what everybody expected her to do.
She put herself comfortable in the lead   with a score of 1, 2, 1.
Fred Imhoff  just succeeded to defend his second place overallwith
a score of  4, 12 and 3, in front of Daniël Bina and our English
friend Steve Bullmore.

Again excellent sailing weather with a 8 to 12 knots breeze diagonal
over the lake.
Despite only two races were planned for this day, the overall ranking
changed a lot after the first two boats.
The Belgian sailor Alex Helsen (a wellknown international Snipe and
Dragon sailer) moved up to a fifth place overall after an 8th and
a perfectly sailed first place in the last race and Daniël Bina had
to concede  the bronze to Steve Bullmore.

The Belgian delegation showed in this first international regatta
in their home country to be able to compete in the top with a second
and a fifth overall.

I think I may conclude:
* the catering of Eric was very much appreciated by all competitors
* several people from The Netherlands and especially Belgium showed
much interest to compete also in a 2.4mR in the future
* hopefully Belgium will have a representative too in the 2.4mR at the games
* as it looks now, we will have to limit the number of entrees at 30 competitors
for the next Antwerp City Cup as everyone wanted to make his/her entry for
next year already now and promised to bring many more fellow countrymen
for the 2012 edition of this regatta
* last but not least: the race-secretary of the Dutch 2.4mR class organisation,
Cor de Graaff mentioned that he (as a real Dutchman) was always looking for
something to complain about or to find something that could be improved in
the future, but that he didn’t succeed in this for the first time!

Fred Imhoff